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The new ASCT membership year has begun!  Be sure to renew your membership or join ASCT today to continue receiving ASCT membership benefits.  

Congratulations to Jennifer Dobas of Hamden, CT on winning the membership renewal drawing and the 3 giant microbes pictured below!  

One year membership are $60 and two-year memberships are $115. 
(The ASCT membership year is July 1 - June 30)


Make a Difference in Your Profession

Thirty-eight years after its founding, and the ASCT is still focused on being the collective voice for Cytotechnologists. As Cytotechnology changes, you change; and as you change, the ASCT changes to serve you and the profession! The ASCT serves as your resource to stay current with critical issues such as workload, proficiency testing, licensure, continuing education and workforce and bringing Cytotechnologists’ needs and ideas to the forefront in their ever changing work environment.

Your continuing and active support is essential to the ASCT in order to remain the society that represents our profession. We look forward to your continued involvement and support of ASCT. Click here to learn about the ASCT benefits.  

Joining or renewing your ASCT membership is easy!  You may renew online following the steps below or print the PDF application, email to or fax to 919-787-4916 or mail to the address on the form. 


How to Renew Online:

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  • Click "renew your membership" on the upper left-hand side of the page.
  • Click "Become a member" if newly joining or "Continue to renewal process" if renewing and select your membership type.
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**If you have forgotten your user name or password log in or receive an error message, please contact and we will reset your password.



ASC Foundation State and Regional Organization Grant

The cytology workforce, including cytotechnologists and cytopathologists, has continuing education requirements established by local institutions and national certifying agencies.  Fulfilling these requirements has become increasingly difficult for several reasons; among them, decreased institutional support and loss of many of our cytotechnology training programs, which historically have been the support system for local organizations and continuing education initiatives.

$1000 Grant(s) are available to State and Regional Organizations (SROs), Cytotechnology programs or laboratories  to be used for  developing and hosting local continuing education events. This is a mechanism for the ASC Foundation to directly promote accessible local continuing education for cytology practitioners through SROs.

Regional organizations will submit proposals.   Up to four (4) grants will be awarded annually in increments of $1000.  Funds would be used primarily to support speaker travel, honoraria, meeting promotional material.

Strengthening local organizations with high quality, accessible meetings will help to sustain SROs as well as the ASC and future workforce.

The deadline to submit an application is August 15th.   Visit the ASC Foundation Web site  for more information.




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