Foundation Awards

The ASCT formed the ASCT Foundation in 1998 to support the educational goals of our membership, and to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to field of cytotechnology and the ASCT. Made possible by tax-deductible donations, the Foundation has been proud to fund awards such as the Marion and Nelson Holmquist Cytotechnologist Achievement Award, the Allen Achievement in Writing Award, and the Warren R. Lang Memorial Student Presentation Awards.

The ASCT Foundation continually strives to honor the ASCT founders, and the passion and dedication they demonstrated as they formed our organization, by pursuing the continual growth of the ASCT Foundation for the support of our profession.

Holmquist Cytotechnologist Achievement Award Recipients

2017 - Jorge Franco
2016 - Don Schnitzler
2015 - Fern Miller
2014 - Joan Rossi
2013 - Mary Ann Friedlander
2012 - John Shalkham
2011 - Sandra Giroux
2010 - Janie Roberson
2009 - Lynnette Savaloja
2008 - Bob Gay
2007 - Sue Zaleski
2006 - Brenda Schultz
2005 - Kalyani Naik
2004 - Nancy Yockel
2003 - Beverly Haigler
2002 - Gary Gill
2001 - Brent Brewerton
2000 - Not Presented
1999 - Deanna Iverson
1998 - Brent Brewerton
1997 - Roger Wall
1996 - Roberta Goodell
1995 - Karen Allen
1994 - Shirley Greening
1993 - Jean Hand Triol
1992 - Roberta Goodell
1991 - Elsie Carruthers
1990 - Pat Ashton

Warren R. Lang Student Awards

Arguably, the most anticipated awards presented by the ASCT are for the student case presentations given every year at our Annual Conference. Originally presented to a single graduate of an accredited School of Cytotechnology, the Warren R. Lang Award was established in 1989 by the ASCT Executive Council in memory of Dr. Warren R. Lang.

Dr. Lang was professor of Cytotechnology and Medical Director of the School of Cytotechnology in the College of Allied Health Sciences of the Thomas Jefferson University in the 1970’s, and was later promoted to Chair of the Department of Pathology in 1983. He was a relentless advocate for cytotechnologists, cytology students, and pathology residents and enjoyed teaching immensely. Dr. Lang was supportive of the formation of the ASCT and believed it was a Cytotechnologists’ right, if not their responsibility, to have a strong influence in their profession.

Currently, students who give case presentations at the Annual Conference are eligible for this award. The first place winner of this award receives $150 and a one year membership to the ASCT. The second and third place winners receive $100 and $50, respectively. Click here for a list of past winners.

To view the Student Presentations, visit the Student Forum webpage.

Congratulations 2017 Student Presentation Winners!

1st - Amanda Vallow, UT at MD Anderson School of Health Professions
2nd - Franklin Barber, UT at MD Anderson School of Health Professions
3rd - Christina Barbato, Thomas Jefferson University

2016 Winners

1st - Kathryn Kiely, Anisa I. Kanbour School of Cytotechnology of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
2nd - Jennifer Paul, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
3rd - Chowdhury Tabassum, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions
Computer presentation winner - Danielle Garcia, Rutgers School of Health Related Professions

2015 Winners

1st - Banan Abuhard, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions
2nd - Ryan Granger, University of Rhode Island
3rd - SGT Aaron Beaver, Medical Education Training Campus, Ft Sam Houston
Computer presentation winner - Jessica Simmons, Rutgers School of Health Related Professions

2014 Winners

1st - Sarah Zack, Detroit Medical Center
2nd - Alexandra Ferrara, Rutgers
3rd - Jianhua Zhang, UCLA
Computer presentation winner - Jillian Schook, Albany

President’s Award

The President’s Award, originally called the Presidential Prerogative Award, was established in 1991 and is presented to an outstanding member of the ASCT by our president in recognition of outstanding service during his or her term. The Recipient of this award is presented a commemorative plaque.

President’s Award Recipients

2017 - Catherine Smith

2016 - Michele Smith
2015 - Vivian Pijuan Thompson
2014 - Joan Rossi
2013 - Joan Rossi
2012 - Lynnette Savaloja
2011 - Eliza Enstine and Karen Chau
2010 - Sandy Giroux
2009 - Sandy Giroux
2008 - Sandy Giroux and Joan Rossi
2007 - Janie Roberson
2006 - Nancy and David Yockel
2005 - Fern Miller, John Shalkham and Debbie Hillsdon-Smith
2004 - Not Presented
2003 - Sue Zaleski
2002 - Fern Miller
2000 - Claire Eklund
1999 - Mary Reilly
1998 - Brent Brewerton
1997 - Deanna Iverson
1996 - Not Presented
1995 - Not Presented
1994 - Sue Zaleski
1993 - Roger Wall
1992 - Jean Hand Triol
1991 - Tom Eells

Allen Achievement in Writing Award

The newest Award that is granted by the ASCT Foundation is the Allen Achievement in Writing Award. This award is named after Karen Allen, who was the 2002-2003 President of the ASCT and served as the editor of the ASCT NEWS from 1996 to 2004. She established this award in 2004 to acknowledge and encourage individuals for excellence in writing. All articles with a byline published in ASCT Voice are eligible for the annual award with no application necessary. Selection by a panel will be made based on the quality of writing and the subject matter. Winners of this award receive $100 and a commemorative plaque.

Allen Achievement in Writing Award Recipients

2017 - Michele Smith for "Cytology Education Update" May 2016 Voice

2016 - CAP Foundation
2015 - Mary Ann Friedlander
2014 - Connie Erdmann
2013 - Matt Riding
2012 - Tim Feit
2011 - Carol Colasacco
2010 - Katherine Mycek
2009 - Michele Smith
2008 - Barbara McGahey-Frain
2007 - Mary Ann Friedlander
2006 - Thomas Scherbl
2005 - Beverly Haigler

Student Annual Conference Grants

Although not formal awards, the ASCT Foundation also subsidizes the registration fees for all students who attend the ASCT Annual Scientific Conference, which allows students to attend the meeting at a substantially reduced rate.